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Manuel and Cica Spiller – the second generation – and Erich Wolsperger advance the tradition and innovation to define precisely the thinking and action.





These are the principles that guide Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions – currently in the second generation – to develop highly effective innovations with the ultimate goal of maintaining healthy skin and supporting its natural functions. 

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are committed to making premier quality “Made in Germany” a palpable experience, fueled by passion, an entrepreneurial spirit and absolute conviction.


is the research and development conducted in our own laboratories modeled after the unadulterated power of nature. We use ingredients of the highest biological purity. True to character, Dr. Spiller strongly values regional sourcing. Our products are based on the finest ingredients: crystal-clear spring water from the Alpine streams of the Chiemgau and natural essences. 

Our products are designed according to the blueprint of nature, merging into a whole with the skin and its natural mechanisms. This is how we succeed in working with the skin and not against it.

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions are the result of everything we do. 

P U R E conveys our core values – purity and ethics, safety and trust. 

S K I N C A R E stands for unique mechanisms of action that lead to highly visible and noticeable results. 

S O L U T I O N S are our solutions in the form of multi-faceted product worlds for practically any skin concern.


What began more than half a century ago continues to determine our actions today: Based on in-depth research, we meticulously develop and manufacture our products to the highest standards, ensuring that every step including distribution is in our hands. Headquartered in gorgeous natural surroundings, we learn from mother nature on a daily basis. We view nature as the world’s best laboratory. It serves as our partner, our prototype and our source of inspiration, whose wonders we research in our laboratories and emulate in our development work.


Here, natural ingredients and intelligent HYTEC processing come together to form uniquely effective products. Our connectedness to the local area is reflected in a natural, unadulterated approach and is implemented in each and every product. Living with and surrounded by nature gives rise to a sense of nostalgia. It stands for slowing down and for steadfastness. It is this steadfast approach that we value in everything we do, while always looking ahead to the future: Here, tradition meets innovation. Nature meets state-of-the-art technologies, achieving tomorrow’s progress in harmony with the values of yesterday. We stand for continuity and act with deep awareness of the responsibility we bear for our world and for its future.


with Manuel Spiller, MBA
Senior Management
What is your passion for cosmetics based upon?

Cosmetics has been second nature to me since I was born. My father, Dr. Horst Spiller, was a pioneer in the manufacturing of biocosmetic skin care made in Germany. His mission became my passion. Today, I am leading the company in the second generation and into a new era.

What upsets you?

Polluted oceans. It is irresponsible to dump trash into the ocean without considering the consequences. If everyone paid attention to their ecological footprint, pollution could be reduced and diversity could be maintained – even for future generations.

What does beauty mean to you?

Diversity. We live in an age where the search for our own identity allows us to live our differences.

What is your favorite leisure activity?

I live what I love. The boundaries between entrepreneurship and leisure are fluid, as every self-employed person knows. Leading our family business is my passion and I use much of my free time to research new active ingredients and read up on the latest scientific developments in skin care. Nothing fascinates me more than the world of cosmetics!

Where do you feel particularly at home?

In nature. I am privileged to live and work where others spend their holidays. I draw strength and inspiration from nature in all its facets and beauty.

What direction should the cosmetics industry take in the future?

A more responsible, sustainable direction. We need companies that shape and enrich the cosmetics market with honest solutions, sustainable values as well as future-proof thinking and acting.


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