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Strengthens and nourishes hypersensitive skin

SENSICURA is the seamlessly soft, highly tolerable skin care line for skin with hypersensitivity and barrier damage issues. This product line is instantly soothing, has a targeted stabilizing and a lasting protective effect. The combination of active ingredients is precisely formulated to achieve one key goal: a completely intact skin barrier. Where dryness and irritation previously impaired the skin’s well-being, SENSICURA leaves the skin supple and smooth. SENSICURA is completely free of silicones, perfume oils and preservatives.


Lasting regeneration for skin
that is soft to the touch

The skin care concept of the Dr. Spiller SENSICURA line is based on extremely high-quality, powerful ingredients that soothe and balance the skin while simultaneously stabilizing and strengthening the skin barrier.

  • Magnolia Bark Extract: Desensitizes the skin to reduce its reactivity, helping to make it less sensitive to external irritants.
  • Vitamin F Complex: Lastingly stabilizes the lipid barrier, helps prevent loss of moisture and fortifies the skin’s built-in protective mechanisms.
  • Panthenol: Promotes the skin’s regeneration process, is strongly soothing and enhances the skin’s well-being.
  • Allantoin: Minimizes irritation and accelerates the skin’s ability to regenerate. Soothes and restores balance to irritated skin.
  • Vitamin E: Protects the cell membrane against damage and shields cells against free radicals.

SENSICURA Professional Treatments

Hypersensitive skin should not be experimented with. Therefore, the approach of this skin care line focuses on desensitization and stabilization to provide lasting nourishment and allow the skin to reactivate its own protective mechanisms. By reducing the skin’s irritability and targeted restoration of its protective functions, it leaves skin feeling completely relaxed, wonderfully smooth and lastingly supple. With the SENSICURA treatments, sensitive skin experiences maximum care and both regains and retains suppleness and a smoothness you can feel.


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